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MME sends radio bearer setup request with the same QCI twice?

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MME sends radio bearer setup request with the same QCI twice. The Bearer ID is different but the QCI is the same and is already created. Ex:

Bid 8 QCI 4 radio bearer was created. Just before it was created, the PGW sent another Create bearer request (QCI4) due to the fact the T3 timer expired and it didn't get the Create bearer response.

So the MME send Radio bearer setup request:
Bid 9 QCI4

My question is if this is the normal behavior for the MME. It didn't check if the bearer with QCI 4 was already created.

After that, the mobile accepted the new Radio bearer and deleted the old one, as expected and explained in the 3 GPP.

posted Jan 29, 2015 by anonymous

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Hi All,

I have a query regarding S1 setup procedure.
If MME receives S1 setup Request message from same eNB twice (Assuming the S1 connection is already up), what will be the behavior of MME in this case.
Will it erase both UE and non-UE related application data? Or does it send S1 setup failure message?

Thanks in advance.

+2 votes

Does Mme also sends Purge(PUR) to HSS before sending delete session request to SGW when MME receives detach request from enodeb side ?
It would be great if you give your valuable suggestion ?

+1 vote

Generally MME serves a group of tracking areas and belongs to at least one PLMN.
Lets assume, MME receives S1-setup request from eNodeB with the list of supported TAs.
Now, there are three possibilities as captured below.
1. All supported TAIs match at MME
2. Not even a single TAI match at MME
3. Few TAIs match at MME

I want to know, what MME will do for case 2 and case 3 ? How it will respond to eNodeB ?
If MME responds with S1-setup failure then what would be the cause value ? I did not find any reference in 36.413 for these scenarios.