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Why different types of commands defined in OVS ?

0 votes

I saw there are multiple categories of ovs commands:

I want to know the purpose of these different categories of commands and their uses.

posted Sep 5, 2017 by Harshita

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1 Answer

0 votes

OVS is a soft switch and it supports various protocol such as OpenFlow, NetConf. Based on the requirement, this soft switch can be used for different type of data transmission. It gives us more flexibility compare to hardware based switch. New protocol and various application can be integrated.
Even a hardware switch apart from data transmission it does many things. Due to that various commands/cli are introduced and those commands are categorized as per their functionality.
OVS-VSCTL commands mainly use to add/delete ports.
OVS-OFCTL commands mainly deals with OpenFlow rules/pipeline.
OVS-DPCTL commands mainly deals with data path change. Like when a packet receive with specific IP then what to do with that packet.
OVS-APPCTL is used to control different applications such as checking/setting the routes, tunnels etc.

answer Sep 7, 2017 by Ganesh
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What I understood for OVS till now is this is a soft switch compare to normal hardware switch and OVS performs all functions which a hardware switch can and on top of that software switch performs more function. Now I want to understand what is pipelining concept and when it is required ?

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Open V Switch is a soft switch and it can work same as normal switch or even more things it can do compare to normal switch. Form somewhere I get to know OVS can run in user space and kernel space both. I used Mininet to create virtual switch and believe it runs at user space as per my understanding so far. I want to know can I run the same switches in kernel mode also and if yes it is possible then how I can and what could be the reason for doing so ?

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