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Is there any relationship between open virtual switch (OVS) and open flow ?

0 votes
Is there any relationship between open virtual switch (OVS) and open flow ?
posted May 28, 2017 by Vikram Singh

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Open V Switch is a soft switch and it can work same as normal switch or even more things it can do compare to normal switch. Form somewhere I get to know OVS can run in user space and kernel space both. I used Mininet to create virtual switch and believe it runs at user space as per my understanding so far. I want to know can I run the same switches in kernel mode also and if yes it is possible then how I can and what could be the reason for doing so ?

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What I understood for OVS till now is this is a soft switch compare to normal hardware switch and OVS performs all functions which a hardware switch can and on top of that software switch performs more function. Now I want to understand what is pipelining concept and when it is required ?

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I saw there are multiple categories of ovs commands:

I want to know the purpose of these different categories of commands and their uses.

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