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Not able to see any A6 measurements

+1 vote

Hi Experts,

I am not seeing any A6 measurement report during SCell deactivation with Neighbor cell offset better.

I have one basic doubt, by any chance NW controls A6 measurement reporting, means is there any message sent by NW to UE saying please report your A6 measurements or its only decided by UE to send sends A6 measurements.


posted Jul 11, 2017 by anonymous

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+1 vote

Unlike for A3 and A5 events, for A6 event frequency offset is not considered while evaluating entering and leaving condition. Can anyone please explain this particular case ?

+4 votes

A3 :- Neighbour becomes offset better than PCell
A6 :- Neighbour becomes offset better than SCell

Please Clarify the difference

+1 vote

As per my understanding No it won’t, It will still measure the Inter frequency until the enodeb sends the interfreqency relation.

So if If it won't quit measurement gap because target cell doesn't meet throughput condition, then the UE on the source cell speeds will degrade as it stuck on measurement gap.

Should node allow UE quit to measurement gap in this scenario?