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Why backlinks are important in SEO?

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Why backlinks are important in SEO?
posted Jul 5, 2017 by Mukul Chag

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1 Answer

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Backlinks are nothing but linking your Website URL onto a popular website which has High Domain Authority and Page Authority.
It increases the traffic towards your website as well as enhance the Search engine rankings.
Backlinks are links that are directed towards your website. Also knows as Inbound links (IBL's). The number of backlinks is an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query.

Improves Organic Ranking - If any of your content is getting organic links from other sites, that content will naturally rank higher with search engines.

Faster Indexing - Especially for a new website, it is important to get backlinks as they help in the faster discovery and indexing of your site.

Referral Traffic - One of the major benefits of backlinks is that they help get referral traffic. Usually, referral traffic is targeted and has a low bounce rate.

Example of Backlinks

enter image description here

answer Jul 5, 2017 by Kumar Neeraj
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