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Handover process from E-UTRAN to UTRAN or GERAN?

+1 vote

Describe the handover process from E-UTRAN to UTRAN or GERAN

posted Jun 28, 2017 by anonymous

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I know its possible to handover to 3G from 4G in connected state.

But do networks implemented the backwards, I mean 3G to 4G while UE in connected state?? Reselection happens for me but not Handover ?? When UE goes to Cell_PCH or IDLE state it moves back to 4G, not when I am streaming or downloading.

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After a handover from LTE to WCDMA I noticed that there is always "Activate PDP context request" message.
However, in documentation, I found multiple call flows without that message, but with "Update PDP context".
What causes these differences?

Thank you.

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Want to know the details about how Intra E-UTRAN Handover is performed in LTE and how it is different from UMTS???

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