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Subscription-Id in diameter CCA

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I am facing a problem wherein I am sending Susbcription-Id AVP (with Data and Type child AVPs) in the CCA where Result-Code is set to 4011 ( DIAMETER_CREDIT_CONTROL_NOT_APPLICABLE) but diameter client is not able to decode the CCA message. Getting following error:

2017-06-21.19:23:00.144|E|message error (body content)
2017-06-21.19:23:00.144|E|Unrecognized message received
2017-06-21.19:23:00.144|A|*** Unrecognized message received ***

But if I return any other AVP other than Susbcription-Id then no such issue.

Kindly help.

posted Jun 22, 2017 by Sudarshan Adiga

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Based on the 3GPP 29.272, the IDR (Insert-Subscriber-data Request message) is generated by the HSS to the MME to update the subscriber profile in the MME and/or requesting subscriber info such as location-information, subscriber state...
However the SUBSCRIPTION-DATA AVP containing the of profile to be added or updated is defined as Mandatory.
What should contain this AVP if the IDR is sent only for requesting subscriber-info without updating the subscriber profile.
Should ot be present without any nested AVP under it?

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Is it possible that MCC MNC gets changed in the same Diameter session without changing session ID while in Roaming???
As I have come to across an unsupported scenario when some users are roaming in Iceland operator MCC MNC and suddenly switch to different operator MCC MNC which belongs to the USA within the same DCCA session i.e without closing the PDP context and opening a new one (that should not be possible, unsupported scenario). Is it possible??? I'm confused here.

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