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Multiple MSCC blocks sequence?

0 votes

Does RFC4006 or 3GPP standard define any sequence while sending multiple MSCC blocks in Gy/Ro interface.

Ex: In one of the CCR-update, I am sending MSCC block having USU of previously requested units and in second MSCC block in the same CCR-update sending RSU again with different rating group.I do not see any problem in this and OCS handle this.

but when 1st MSCC block has RSU with different RG and 2nd MSCC block has USU of previously allocated units (having diff RG) SG, OCS doesn't handle this and says 5012.

In Diameter AVP sequence is not that hard and fast expect few of the avps on top.

Any thoughts?

posted Jun 19, 2017 by Bhushan Patil

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This works fine. So answer is here:

in CCR-update(1st)
MSCC block with RSU ( RG=1)

in second CCR-update (2nd)
1st MSCC block RSU (RG=2)
2nd MSCC block USU (RG=1)

In CCA-update (2nd)
1st MSCC block : GSU for RG=2
2nd MSCC block : Result code 2001 for RG=1

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