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LTE: What is the meaning of T310 & N310 and T310 & N311 timers?

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LTE: What is the meaning of T310 & N310 and T310 & N311 timers?
posted Apr 20, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

N310 and N311 are number of out-of-sync and in-sync indications respectively and T310 and T311 are timers related to RLF and RRC Conncetion Re-establishment procedures.

Number of consecutive out-of-sync indications from lower layers. If reached, it triggers T310 timer.

Start Upon detecting physical layer problems i.e. upon receiving N310 consecutive out-of-sync indications from lower layers and stop upon receiving N311 consecutive in-sync indications from lower layers, upon triggering the handover procedure and upon initiating the connection re-establishment procedure.
Upon expiry - If security is not activated: go to RRC_IDLE, else: initiate the connection re-establishment procedure.

Number of consecutive in-sync indications from lower layers,time bound by T311.

Start Upon initiating the RRCconnection reestablishmentmprocedure(RRE). RRE Procedure includes Cell Reselection and RRC Connection. This timer is for Cell Reselection process only. Stop upon Selection of a suitable E-UTRA cell or a cell using another RAT.
Upon expiry - UE enter RRC_IDLE.

answer Apr 26, 2019 by Prashant Verma
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