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Why network triggers identity request after authentication procedure ?

–2 votes
Why network triggers identity request after authentication procedure ?
posted Apr 11, 2017 by Sakshi Rai

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2 Answers

+2 votes

Identity Request will be sent by NW at any time to UE for asking some information from UE, Say IMSI, IMEI etc.
The UE will respond back with Identity Response containing the requested information.

answer Apr 11, 2017 by Anand Yadav
0 votes

When network receives invalid IMSI or GUTI, identity request is triggered.

answer Jan 2, 2021 by Manje Gowda K.r.
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I saw a scenario where an Identity is requested by MME after successful Authentication and Security mode complete.. As a Response to this message UE is Sending IMEI? what is the need of checking IMEI number after successful authentication? If IMEI is in block list then ongoing Attach procedure is going to be Terminate...? Identity Request intention is mainly to check the IMEI belongs to any one of Black, while or Green list then why cannt MME check for this before Security Mode?

+5 votes

Uplink NAS transport message is used between eNodeB and MME to pass NAS messages between UE and MME transparently.
Since eNodeB has already communicated TAI and E-CGI as part of "Initial UE message" and MME knows current serving (cell and tai ) of UE then why both IEs are mandatory in Uplink NAS transport. I think it should be optional and it should be included in the message when there is a change in serving (cell or tai or both).