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What different kinds of SmartPhone OS are there?

+1 vote
What different kinds of SmartPhone OS are there?
posted Mar 3, 2017 by Atindra Kumar Nath

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1 Answer

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Now there are many OS available in the market. Some of them are now open source too.
Listing out some popular Mobile Operating Systems
* Android OS (Google Inc.)
* Bada (Samsung Electronics)
* BlackBerry OS (Research In Motion)
* iPhone OS / iOS (Apple)
* MeeGo OS (Nokia and Intel)
* Palm OS (Garnet OS)
* Windows Mobile (Windows Phone 7)
* webOS (Palm/HP)
* Symbian OS (Nokia)
and some others are
Aliyn, Firefox, Ubuntu touch, Sailfish, Maemo, Grid, etc.,

answer Mar 3, 2017 by Vigneshvari
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