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Different Smart phone Operating Systems

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Many people have ample information concerning totally different mobile phones and their companies, however a awfully few of them understand one thing concerning operating systems. it's important to be told concerning totally different mobile OS employed by several companies so you'll understand that what's behind your smartphone’s sleek and colourful touchscreen.

Mobile OS

Above is the popularity graph, which represents last 12 months trends. It is apparent that Android is beating up all other operating systems, even the IOS. Symbian, which was once an industry leader, is also observing a diminishing slope. IOS might continue to compete Android, and with the release of Windows Phone 8, we might see some healthy competition in future.

Comparison Of Top Mobile OS


Symbian OS is officially the property of Nokia. It means that any other company will have to take permission from Nokia before using this operating system. Nokia has remained a giant in the low-end mobile market, so after Java Symbian was the most used in the mobile phones till a couple of years ago. Still Symbian is widely used in low-end phones but the demand rate has ben continuously decreasing. By upgrading Symbian mobile OS, Nokia has made it capable to run smartphones efficiently. Symbian ANNA and BELLE are the two latest updates that are currently used in Nokia’s smartphones. Overall, the Symbian OS is excellently designed and is very user-friendly.

Unfortunately, Symbian OS graph is going downwards nowadays due to the immense popularity of Android and iOS.

Some of the phones currently running on Symbian OS are Nokia C6-01, Nokia 603, Nokia 700, Nokia 808 Pure View, Nokia E6 (ANNA) and Nokia 701 (BELLE). Symbian is a popular choice among Nokia dual sim mobile phones as well.

Symbian OS


September twentieth, 2008 was the date once Google discharged the primary mechanical man OS by the name of ‘Astro’. once someday next upgraded versions ‘Bender’ and ‘Cupcake’ were additionally discharged. Google then adopted the trend of naming mechanical man versions once any afters or a sweet in alphabetical order. the opposite releases area unit sinker, Éclair, Froyo, cake, Honeycomb, frozen dessert Sandwich and jelly egg.Marshmallow (Android half-dozen.0) is to this point the newest mechanical man version from Google. Since the platform isn't closed like iOS, there area unit too several nice mechanical man apps engineered by developers.

Just once getting in the smartphone and tablets market mechanical man gained large quality because of its lovely look and economical operating. several new options were introduced that compete a big role in Android’s success. Google Play is a politician app market that contains voluminous totally different apps for mechanical man devices. Samsung, HTC, Motorola and plenty of different high makers area unit mistreatment mechanical man in their devices. Currently, mechanical man is one in every of the highest operational systems and is taken into account serious threat for iPhone.

Some of the smartphones operational on mechanical man area unit HTC want, Samsung Galaxy Gio, Motorola Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC conflagration.

Android Mobile OS

Apple iOS

iOS was introduced in twenty ninth June 2007 once the primary iPhone was developed. Since then iOS has been below gone several upgrades and presently the newest one is that the iOS nine.

Apple has still not allowed the other manufacturer to put hands on its software system. not like mechanical man, Apple has a lot of focused on the performance together with look. this is often the explanation that the fundamental look of iOS is nearly constant because it was in 2007. Overall it's terribly easy and is one in every of the mobile best operational systems within the world.

So far iOS has been employed in all iPhones, iPod & iPad.

Apple IOS

Blackberry OS

Blackberry OS is that the property of RIM (Research In Motion) and was 1st discharged in 1999. RIM has developed this software system for its Blackberry line of smartphones. Blackberry is way totally different from different operational systems. The interface vogue, yet because the Smartphone style, is additionally totally different having a electronic device for moving on the menu and a typewriter keyboard.

Like Apple, Blackberry OS could be a shut supply OS and isn't on the market for the other manufacturer. Currently, the newest unleash of this software system is Blackberry OS seven.1 that was introduced in could 2011 and is employed in Blackberry daring 9930. it's a awfully reliable OS and is proof against most the viruses.

Some of the smartphones operational on Blackberry OS area unit Blackberry daring, Blackberry Curve, Blackberry Torch and Blackberry 8520.

BlackBerry OS

Windows OS

All of you may be conversant in Windows OS as a result of it's employed in computers everywhere the globe. Windows OS has additionally been employed in mobile phones, however traditional mobile users notice it a littletough to control it however at constant time it absolutely was highly regarded among those who were accustomed it.

This was the case till Nokia and Microsoft joined hands to figure along. the newest Windows unleash by Microsoft is understood as Windows seven that has gained large quality among all quite users. With its colourful and easy interface, it's given Windows OS a replacement life and is presently in demand everywhere the globe. one more reason behind its success is that this latest OS is employed in terribly powerful devices created by Nokia. the pc like look has altogether nonexistent from the windows phones with the discharge of Windows seven. Samsung and HTC additionally discharged some Windows-based phones, however they might not several places within the market.

Nokia Lumia series is totally windows primarily based. a number of the newest Windows Phones area unit Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia Lumia 900, Samsung Focus and HTC Titan a pair of.

Windows Phone 7 and 8


Like others, Samsung additionally owns AN software system that's referred to as BADA. it's designed for mid-range and high-end smartphones. Bada could be a quiet easy and economical software system, very likemechanical man, however sadly Samsung didn't use Bada on an oversized scale for unknown reasons.

The latest version Bada a pair of.0.5 was discharged on March fifteenth, 2012. There area unit solely 3 phones that area unit operational on Bada. These 3 smartphones area unit Samsung Wave, Samsung Wave a pair of and Samsung Wave three. i think that Bada would have achieved abundant bigger success if Samsung had promoted it properly.

However you'll use Picasa on Bada mobiles.

Samsung Bada OS

Palm OS (Garnet OS)

Palm OS was developed by Palm INC in 1996 particularly for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistance). Palm OS was designed to figure on touchscreen interface. Some Years later it absolutely was upgraded and was ready to support smartphones. sadly, it couldn't create a mark on the market and presently isn't being employed in any of the newest high devices.

It has been five and 0.5 years since we tend to saw the newest update of Palm OS in 2007. Palm OS was employed by several corporations together with Lenovo, Legend cluster, Janam, Kyocera and IBM.

Palm OS

Open WebOS

Open WebOS additionally referred to as HP WebOS or simply WebOS that was developed by Palm INC howeveronce some years it became the property of Hewlett-Packard. WebOS was launched in 2009 and was employed invariety of smartphones and tablets.

Hp promoted WebOS at a awfully high level by mistreatment it in high-end smartphones and tablets. the newest device engaged on WebOS was the HP bit Pad. With the introduction of mechanical man within the market sales of HP WebOS, primarily based tablets got terribly less. eventually HP declared to discontinue WebOS-based devices, however the present users were assured that they're going to get regular updates of the software system.

Open Web Os


Nokia ANd Maemo Community joined hands to supply an software system for smartphones and web tablets, referred to as Maemo. Like different devices, the interface of Maemo additionally comprised of a menu from that the user will visit any location.

Like today’s mechanical man the house screen is split into multiple sections that show web Search bar, totally different route icons, RSS Feed and different such things. Later in 2010 at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) it absolutely was disclosed that currently Maemo project are going to be united with Mobilin to make a recentsoftware system referred to as MeeGo.

Maemo OS


MeeGo was referred to as a mobile platform, however it absolutely was designed to run multiple electronic devices together with handhelds, in-car devices, tv sets, and web books. All the devices on that MeeGo will have constant core however the interface is entirely totally different in step with the device.

In 2010, Moorestown pill computer was introduced at COMPUTEX national capital, that was additionally a MeeGo supercharged device.Most of you may have detected the name Nokia N9, however you may not bear in mind of the very fact that this massive commercialism device is working on MeeGo.

Meego OS

For now, Android is that the clear winner, however, if we glance at profits and growth, Apple has become the most important school company and leaves Google way behind to eat the dirt.


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posted Mar 3, 2017 by Ambika Sharma

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Bugtraq team is experienced freaks and developers, It is available in Debian, Ubuntu and OpenSuSe in 32 and 64 bit architectures.

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