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csfb to wcdma when no PSHO supported.

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Is there anything in the specs that mentions that “ue-not-available-for-ps-service” can also be used for CSFB to WCDMA as well? So far what I have seen from 23.272 section 6.3 is specific to GERAN as target RAT.

posted Feb 8, 2017 by Hari Oum

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eNB is sending cause "ue-not-avaialbel-for-cs-service" in UE Context Release Request Message to MME during csfb to other RAT.
What I got from 23.272 is.
 4.    The eNodeB sends an S1-AP UE Context Release Request message to the MME. If the target cell is GERAN and either the target cell or the UE does not support DTM the message includes an indication that the UE is not available for the PS service.

Here target cell GERAN is mentioned. I want same type spec reference for csfb to wcdma also when PSHO not supported.

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