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load balancing algorithm in LTE?

+4 votes

Can someone put some light on LoadBalacing Algorithm in Downlink and Uplink in LTE.

posted Sep 21, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

What type of load balancing you are looking ? Are you looking for SGW load balancing ? PUSCH and PDSCH physical channels being used for data plane in uplink and downlink respectively. EnodeB MAC downlink scheduler is responsible to schedule data for set of users per millisecond level of granularity in downlink and EnodeB MAC uplink scheduler is responsible to allocated resources in uplink. At the eNodeB, UE's can be categorized into two groups if eNodeB is running in hybrid mode.
1.CSG's subscriber.
2.Non-CSG subscriber.

Downlink/Uplink scheduler might use priority of bearer's to schedule UE's data. It is upto eNodeB vendor how they want to implement. I know "Round Robin" and "PFS algorithm" being used by eNodeB scheduler.

answer Sep 21, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
diff types if you want Ip based lb or session based and also first come first , least used, round robin etc
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In LTE networks , how we can know that a particular eNB node is overloaded or not ? I mean how to know that there is a requirement of load balancing . Is there any unit or metric to measure load of eNB?

Kindly reply asap.

Thanks Much

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In Mobility Load Balancing (MLB) as part of Self-Optimization feature of SON, there is the 'X2 Resource Update Response' and Update messages that come from eNB 2, when eNB1 sends an 'X2 Resource Update Request' message. As part of this message, S1 Transport Network Layer (TNL) Load indication is indicated. Standard says the implementation of this is vendor-dependent . So, what does S1 TNL Load indicate? Is it related to S1-U load?

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