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How can I declare this type of array in C?

+2 votes

I need to get value from the below table

{  {1,25,{45,6,4},5,8,{10,15},1,4,0,0},    

first index is fixed to 3 and in each index no of elements fixed to 10, but inside of some index no of elements is not fixed ... so how can i get this value. how to declare it .

I did like array_x[3][10][];

but its not working .. please suggest

posted Jan 28, 2017 by Chakri

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1 Answer

0 votes

In C least indexes are to be given in the definition like

int a[2][]={{1}, {1,2}}; // invalid statement 
int a[][2]={{1}, {1,2}}; // valid statement 

So in your case x[3][10][] is a invalid statement however x[][10][5] is valid.

PS: I hope I understood your problem correctly, in case not please comment and I will love to help.

answer Jan 29, 2017 by Salil Agrawal
hi thanks for your reply, but please help me how can i declare my third index because its not fixed.

for example

{  {1,25,{45,6,4},5,8,{10,15},1,4,0,0},    
in this how can i get the values of arr[1][3][3] /// i mean to get value 800
and also arr[2][8][6]  /// 777 in this case....

for this type of array how should i declare it .. please help
Sorry for late reply,
As I explained in C we dont have a way to define a multi-dimantional array with variable least index. So I am afraid we may need to find out a alternate way to handle this.
I hope this helps...
Thanks for your suggestions
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