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Recommendations on quality text-to-speech software?

+1 vote

I am looking for text to speech software
espeak is functional, but it's quality isn't particularly strong.

Any suggestion, both free and paid is fine...

posted Dec 5, 2016 by Sonu Jindal

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espeak is functional, but it's quality isn't particularly strong.

2 Answers

+1 vote

Nuance Communications has "Dragon Naturally Speaking 10". It has both text to speech and vice versa. Recently I paid $199.
It's accurate and easy to understand the text to speech. And about 95% accurate with speech to text.

answer Dec 14, 2016 by George Davros
0 votes

Your best bet is probably FLITE (Linux), or possibly Mimic (a fork of FLITE by the Mycroft AI people, designed to be a more active and practical project rather than an academic one.

answer Dec 6, 2016 by anonymous
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Big vendors such as Cisco, Juniper and others have carrier grade EPC and deployed for many operators.
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