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Most common MongoDB deployment

0 votes

I would like to understand what is the most common architecture deployed with MongoDB.
For example, what kind of deployment is most common:
( a ) Sharded Clusters
( b ) Replica Set (no shards) with [ n ] members

I understand that a shard cluster is the way to go to scale-out your database, but what would be the performance breakdown to start a sharded cluster?

Do you recommend to start a database as sharded database?

posted Oct 25, 2016 by anonymous

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I see MongoDB Atlas launched the Freemium Service which is good. But When I logged in after choosing the Freemium, I dont have any option to add my database or build a new deployment. Any Idea why it is happening.

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I am able to run the web application using php and mongodb 3.2.6 in localhost.But I need to deploy mongodb in existed servers like Hostgator or Godaddy, then I need to run the php(5.4) web application.

Is it possible? Please suggest me to run my php application to connect mongodb?

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Which of these two pymongo calls is the most optimized

A) count = db.find(nosql, {_id:True}).count()
B) count = db.find(nosql).count()

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I use Ubuntu if that matters. I install Mongo like I would on any Linux server, make sure to open certain ports through security groups, etc. Are there any best practices or perhaps specific EC2 support for Mongo I can leverage?

AFAIK Amazon doesnt provide RDS-like managed Mongo instances.

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I generated some GridFs data on local MongoDB but I want to export these files only to production MongoDB.
I just have uploadtime field to query these files. Is there some option in Export to JSON by mongoexport both files and chunks after time stamp.

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