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Why MME has to send Paging Drx in S1AP paging messge?

+2 votes

Why MME has to send Paging Drx in S1AP paging messge?
Whether this paging Drx is sent to UE or not?Even though paging drx in sib2 why we need paging drx in s1ap paging message?

posted Oct 7, 2015 by Badikela Mahesh

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Because UE in RRC IDLE mode checks for paging once every DRX cycle. Hope I got your query correctly...

1 Answer

+1 vote

Paging DRX can be UE specific or cell specific. Enodeb informs Cell specific Paging DRX to MME through S1setup request. UE informs UEspecific DRX to MME in attach/TA update to MME . So MME have both Paging DRX .
Suppose MME needs to perform Paging for UE to which UE specific Paging DRX is different to enodeb Paging drx then MME sends UE specific Paging in s1ap Paging msg. So that enodeb can schedule Paging with min Paging DRX in the cell.

answer Oct 7, 2015 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav
Thanks for your answer and one more thing whether enodeB will get to know about UE that it is having  UE specific Drx.
eNodeb will know the UE specific drx through S1 Paging only when cell specific drx and UE specific drx are different.
Do you know how Enb will monitor these S1AP paging messges based on UE indx val and how it will construct RRC paging message with mulpiple paging records?
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