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I have developed applications with android SDK. However I want to know what is NDK and how to use it?

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I have developed applications with android SDK. However I want to know what is NDK and how to use it?
posted Sep 19, 2016 by Akshay

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1 Answer

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Android NDK is the package that allows the developers to develop part of application to be in either C or C++.
Why do we need c/c++ for?
To access core dalvik features, make some intensive calculations, etc.,
Things to do even when you are in native development:
Let's just say you are developing a part of application using c or c++, it doesn't mean it will handle memory allocation and deallocation by itself. We have to take care of that properly..
Why not to use NDK
Well, you can't (or don't want to) develop the whole application in C or C++. Because you could possibly introduce bugs and device/platform specific features that inturn become bugs for other devices or OSs. And since you have access to dalvik features you should probably be more careful working with NDK.
Hope this helps.

answer Sep 20, 2016 by Vinod Kumar K V
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