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How many bearers a UE can have?

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I read that, there can be 11 bearers(3 default per PDN and 8 dedicated). The 8 dedicated bearers are per UE or per PDN?
Is my understanding correct, can someone please confirm?

posted Sep 16, 2016 by Bhagyashree R

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A UE can support maximum of 11 bearers..  3 default and 8 dedicated (per UE).  These 8 Dedicated bearers are mapped to different pdn.
why we need to establish default bearer to different PDN?
Let's example pdn is something like different type of ip access...  Like browsing.  Whatever u browse its enough of single pdn...  And gaming another pdn.    Ip calling..  Value added services etc
Hi Sneha, Each PDN assigns an IP address through default bearer. So If an UE has connection with 3 different PDNs that means it has 3 different IP addresses.
If we have 3 IP address allocated den which IP address is used to communicate??? N which IP address we ll use to identify the UE?
Since three different IP addresses have been assigned to UE for different types of PDN connectivity, all these three IP addresses will be used based on the application running on UE. For example: In a particular case, for the IMS call different IP can be used compare to internet browsing using different IP address. Both are different types of services for users as well as network. Each PGW belonging to different PDN will identify based on the assigned IP address. So there is no issue to identify the UE at a particular PGW while MME identifies an UE based on IMSI or GUTI.

2 Answers

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Correct, the maximum number of bearers that an LTE UE can establish is 11. The size of EPS Bearer Id is four bits in length, five values reserved, so left with 11.

answer Sep 20, 2016 by Shivananda Gavalkar S
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In 3G, an UE can have maximum of 11 PDP contexts. 1 PDP context needs 1 RB, so an UE can have 11 RBs.

answer Sep 20, 2016 by Shivananda Gavalkar S
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