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What configuration file contains the update server locations for Ubuntu?

+1 vote

I would like to know the configuration file(s) which contain the server URLs from which Ubuntu updates happen.

posted Mar 19, 2013 by Natarajan Venkatraman

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4 Answers

+1 vote

/etc/apt/sources.list has most of the main update servers/repo locations
/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/* is usually where other sources get set-up (PPAs, etc.)

answer Mar 19, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes

Is this the same server for the software depository? The reason I
mention this is because I run Mint on one of my computers. Their
software repository seems smaller than the Ubuntu software repository.

There are some softwares that don't seem to be in the Mint software
depository. Since Mint and Ubuntu are somewhat similar, probably some
(if not most) of the software should run on both OSes?

answer Mar 19, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes


answer Mar 19, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes

/etc/apt/source.list for all distribution

answer Sep 9, 2017 by Magaye Gaye
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Thanks in advance and sorry for hiding my identity.

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