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About logical channel prioritization and scheduler in MAC of UE..

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I read tat there ll be only 1 logical channel prioritization entity and 1 scheduler per cell. If so, then where it will be? And how UE-MAC will communicate with it?

posted Sep 16, 2016 by Sneha Maganahalli

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1 Answer

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LCP unit will be in UE-MAC entity,,MAC scheduler wil be in Enb MAC entity..If UE want to communicate ENB MAC_Scheduler then it has to send BSR to ENB. LCP Unit UE-MAC directly can communicate because it is in the same MAC entity.

answer Sep 16, 2016 by Jaganathan
But i read like there will be only 1 LCP entity for each cell. And all the UEs will share the same LCP entity since LCP is a cell specific entity.
LCP is an alogorithm which is performed in UE entity, MAC spec suggested that LCP can be performed in UE(36.321 But LCP in ENB cell is of no use. because ENB wont do any LCP, instead ENB will have QOS kind of schedulers.
But y eNB MAC will not use LCP? even eNB will send data to UE on logical channels. Will it not schedule the downlink data based on priorities of the logical channels?Or the same function is done by scheduler in eNB?
ENB will use its own algorithm . If ENB wants it can use LCP . ENB scheduler is implementation specific, but UE sceduler should be generic . LCP is 3gpp specification so all UE will use same implmentation.
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