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How does an eNodeB MAC scheduler schedule data on the primary and secondary cells for an UE ?

+2 votes
How does an eNodeB MAC scheduler schedule data on the primary and secondary cells for an UE ?
posted Jun 2, 2015 by Harshita

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1 Answer

+1 vote

There are various criteria to decide how to schedule data on different cells of an eNodeB. I have listed below only some of them:
1. Eligibility of a UE to be scheduled on a particular cell. for 2xCA, only CA capable UEs can be scheduled on both cells. Non-CA UEs need to be scheduled on their respective (P)Cell.
2. Whether a particular QCI can be scheduled on a particular cell or not. Generally, VoLTE traffic is scheduled only on PCell.
3. If the channel conditions that a UE sees on a particular cell is very good, that cell may be given preference over the other.
4. Depending on the cell bandwidth, more data maybe scheduled on cell having higher bandwidth.
5. For load balancing, more data may be scheduled on a cell that is less loaded ( PRB utilization is less)

answer Mar 14, 2016 by anonymous
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An UE configured for carrier aggregation, may have different radio channel conditions for primary and secondary cells.
I meant to say, primary cell may have strong signal strength at the same time UE may observed secondary cell(s) not too good.
In this case, does the same modulation and coding schemes used for primary and secondary or may use different coding and modulation schemes for different channels for the same sub frame?

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As i know UE can trigger RLF on PScell but can it trigger on secondary Scell .

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