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What is the use of Default Paging DRX sent from eNodeb to MME in S1 SetUp Req message ?

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What is the use of Default Paging DRX sent from eNodeb to MME in S1 SetUp Req message ?
posted Sep 11, 2013 by Vikram Singh

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Default Paging DRX is communicated to MME in S1 Setup Req and SIB2 to UEs. so that Ue can read paging messages during DRX on periods as Paging DRX. In S1 Paging also has paging DRX IE which overrides default paging DRX by MME. Paging DRX is used for calculation of PO & PF (paging ocassion and paging frame).
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1 Answer

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UE Specific DRX ia informed to MME by Attach/ TAU/ RAU request message.(It is not a command but only a suggestion)
I don't know about other network but in LTE ,UE can only request or suggest to the Network. It is the network who decides what to be done. This is why Default Paging DRX given by MME overrides this.

So It is same as Paging DRX i.e Default Paging DRX.


answer Mar 20, 2015 by Luv Singh
so what if the enodeb has more than one cell and each is configured with different drx cycles? then what to be sent to MME via s1ap request?
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Hi All,

I have a query regarding S1 setup procedure.
If MME receives S1 setup Request message from same eNB twice (Assuming the S1 connection is already up), what will be the behavior of MME in this case.
Will it erase both UE and non-UE related application data? Or does it send S1 setup failure message?

Thanks in advance.

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What is the eNB behavior in-case MME is not responding to S1 setup request message (ie. MME is not sending S1 setup failure or success).

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Consider if eNB is sending DRX cycles to your UE and therefore you will be not listening to PDCCH. Now if MME sends paging messages of that UE, then how UE will be able to receive the paging message? After DRX cycles UE can start listening but MME might have stopped sending paging messages. How this is handled in LTE???