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How network decides when to do handover in LTE?

+3 votes
How network decides when to do handover in LTE?
posted Aug 5, 2016 by Arijit Chakraborty

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Answer is simple, there is a measurement keeps happening for the neighboring cell and if neighboring cell is ore suitable then current cell then handover happens between two cells. Now suppose this new cell belongs to new eNB then its intra ENB handover.

1 Answer

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Initially when LTE UE attaches to the network, Event A1 and A2 are configured by default. Event A1 is triggered when serving cell becomes better than threshold and Event A2 is triggered when serving cell becomes worse than threshold. All these measurement configuration sent in RRC connection reconfiguration message from eNodeB to UE.
When eNodeB receives event A2, it can configure for A3, A4 and A5 based on eNodeB interest to initiate handover on same frequency or different frequency. For this purpose, again eNodeB sends RRC connection reconfiguration message with the new configurations.

answer Aug 6, 2016 by Harshita
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What could be the scenario in which source eNodeB triggers "handover cancel" procedure towards the MME ?

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I just thought of a situation ,

As each ENB does S1 connection with consider 3 ENBs(those are nearer to each other) did S1-Setup with a particular MME.

After S1-Set up done can we have/add some intelligence (Based on some identity ) at MME to know who all are neighbor for whom?

If we will know about this we can make X2 -relation with neighbor easily ,so that we can reduce the overhead of getting info of neighbor ENBs.

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In case of hub-and-spoke topology, X2 messaging can travel all the way back to an aggregation point, which may be co-located with EPC. In such scenario both X2 and S1 traverses same physical path (a.k.a X2 over S1). Please consider both Intra-MME and Inter-MME handover scenarios. Would X2 based handover in such a case yield advantage over S1 based handover. Thanks.

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I went through the call flow diagram that is shown in 23.401 specification and tried to understand data flow (down link and up link both) through indirect data tunnels. I was bit confused that's why post my query here.

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Newly integrated 3rd carrier is facing IRAT handover failure with reason "unknown-targetID" and "Failure In Target EPC/eNB Or Target System". Other carriers of same enodeB are doing successful handover with the same WCDMA cell. Sometimes for the affected cell, handover is successful.

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