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LTE to 3G IRAT handover fails in preparation phase

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Newly integrated 3rd carrier is facing IRAT handover failure with reason "unknown-targetID" and "Failure In Target EPC/eNB Or Target System". Other carriers of same enodeB are doing successful handover with the same WCDMA cell. Sometimes for the affected cell, handover is successful.

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posted Feb 21, 2016 by Bijit Deb

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We have the same problem with IRAT HO...

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When target eNodeB is not able to allocate resource for all the bearers which comes as part of Handover Request message, it sends handover request ack with partial success since "E-RABs Failed to Setup List" is present in HOReqAck message.
What MME or source eNodeB does in that case ? Does any action taken by MME for the E-RABs which failed to setup at target eNodeB or some other actions taken ?

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I found two MME UE S1-AP IDs i.e. MME UE S1AP ID (Mandatory) and MME UE S1AP ID 2 (optional).
I got why mandatory one is present but what's use of optional one.

Can someone please explain it ?

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Is it possible, source eNodeB has received "handover command" message from MME and now it want to cancel handover procedure ?
What could be the possible reasons when source eNodeB want to cancel ongoing handover procedure ?

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As one failure message is defined in specification for the path switch procedure then what would be the behavior of target eNodeB after getting failure response from the MME ? Action would be vendor specific or standard action has been defined for this scenario ?