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regarding information about bugzilla installation and version

+1 vote

I want to install bugzilla, please suggest me the proper version as well as how to install bugzilla on my company server.

posted Sep 7, 2013 by Abhay Kulkarni

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1 Answer

+1 vote
answer Sep 7, 2013 by Anderson
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+2 votes

I have installed Bugzilla 4.4 on Apache. I have configured it for LDAP authentication. I have some users on LDAP and I wish to allow all of them to be able to file a bug on Bugzilla.

However, it appears that I still need to create all these users in bugzilla. Instead of creating 100 users one by one - is there a way I could insert records in some table OR any configuration by which the user is automatically created?

What is the best way to configure in this case?

+3 votes
  • I have installed on windows v.3.6 I want to migrate it to linux with the latest version, what do you recommend my installation process should including to keep the db.
  • Another option is to keep Bugzilla on windows and to upgrade the version ? what do you recommend my installation process should including to keep the db. Is there an simple installer.
+1 vote

1)how to install bugzilla on windows7 local system.
2)how to integrate testopia to bugzilla ,
3)how to upload test cases in excel to testopia.

0 votes

I am trying to install bugzilla 4.4 on my linux machine .I am installing the required module . When I am trying to execute the /usr/bin/perl Digest::SHA it is not working. Please let me know the proper steps to install bugzill 4.4 on my linux machine .

0 votes

We are currently using Bugzilla 2.20 and I would like to try and get up to date with the current version of Bugzilla 5. Is there anything special that I would need to do to get this to work as it appears we are pretty far behind. I would love to be able to bring our existing bug list over to version 5.