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installation of Bugzilla: Upgrade 3.6 to windows/Linux ?

+3 votes
  • I have installed on windows v.3.6 I want to migrate it to linux with the latest version, what do you recommend my installation process should including to keep the db.
  • Another option is to keep Bugzilla on windows and to upgrade the version ? what do you recommend my installation process should including to keep the db. Is there an simple installer.
posted Nov 14, 2013 by Sumit Pokharna

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1 Answer

+1 vote
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1)how to install bugzilla on windows7 local system.
2)how to integrate testopia to bugzilla ,
3)how to upload test cases in excel to testopia.

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I need to migrate my Bugzilla installation from Microsoft windows XP to Ubuntu Server 12.04, is there an established procedure for this sort of migration and if so is it written down and available.

I would really appreciate any help that can be provided on this.

+1 vote

I'd like to upgrade Bugzilla (Windows version) from our actual installed version (3.0.3) to the latest version (4.4.1). Is there a step by step guide I can use to do that ?

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I am trying to install bugzilla 4.4 on my linux machine .I am installing the required module . When I am trying to execute the /usr/bin/perl Digest::SHA it is not working. Please let me know the proper steps to install bugzill 4.4 on my linux machine .

+3 votes

I just installed Samba on my Centos 6.4 computer. Smbstatus says my version is 3.6.9-151.el6-4.1.

My smb.conf file only has a [global] and [homes] section.

My configuration works, as expected, from a Win7 Virtual Box computer and a Win8 Virtual Box computer. I can see the share from the Windows file explorer and can map the share to a network drive. The Samba server is not virtual.

The problem is my other Win7 laptop which is running some sort of home edition of Win7. I did everything I could in control panel to enable file sharing but I still can't see the Samba share. I can ping the computer running Samba? I tried to launch "gpedit.msc" but this program was not there.

Do you think it would work if I upgraded Samba to the latest version 4.1? Should I consider upgrading to Win7 professional?