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Diameter Protocol: Redirection for one RatingGroup while keeping session active for another RG.

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We have a single GPRS session with two Rating Groups (e.g. 53 for a specific service and 54 for any service). OCS will send a FUI with redirection when Package reaches credit limit (4012) only for navigation through RG 54 (redirection based on Rating Group).

If OCS answers 4012 and sends FUI with redirection to SGSN for this session, then the user chooses to keep wholesale navigation at the redirection portal, the SGSN sends de ReAuth request only for RG 54 but OCS keeps waiting for RAR for RG 53 and it is needed to re-establish a new session to keep navigating through RG 53. How can we make it to keep navigation in RG 53 after redirection with another RG?

posted Jun 9, 2016 by Ronald Hudson

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1 Answer

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One quick query on the question you have put up. Is OCS sending 4012 in MSCC or at the command level

answer Jun 9, 2016 by Peeyush Sharma
Hello, It's in the Result Code AVP that OCS send to the GGSN, so I think It's beeing sent in MSCC
If it is sent in the MSCC of that particular Rating-Group then flow related to other Rating-Group should not be impacted from my understanding.
What would be the difference between the RC being sent in MSCC or at the command level? In the traces, I can see that after the redirection and subsequent RAR sent by the GGSN, navigation continues but only for the RG that was sent with the FUI and redirect.
I am suspecting that it is sent at the command level that is why Redirection is allowed.
Can you please share a snippet of your trace. Also, it would be really helpful if you could tell the complete call flow. As per my understanding GGSN cannot initiate RAR. It can be initiated by either PCRF, OCS or AF.

Peeyush Sharma
How can I share the snippet with you?
You can share the screen shot of the packet here. Also if you don't mind send the wireshark trace itself so that we can sort it out at earliest.
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I am going through the 32.299 and trying to figure out the contents of the CCR message.

Section 6.4.2 lists the AVPS in that message, I am looking for how the PCEF sends the "used bytes" to OCS. The "Multiple services credit control" looks like the one. But need some inputs and help on this AVP. Or please correct me if I am wrong.

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Hi all,

We have complexity linked to Gy and Gx interfaces.

Let's say that we have two rules configured as static on PGW with :

Rule1= Reports RatingGroup1
Rule2= Reports RatingGroup2

When PCRF install Rule 1 on Gx, the ratingGroup reported by PGW to OCS is RatingGroup1
When PCRF uninstal Rule1 then install Rule2, the ratingGroup reported by PGW remain RatingGroup1 till a Gy trigger is reached (revalidation time, GSU consumption...).
Then the problem on our system is that when PCRF change the rules on Gx interface the PGW keep reporting the old rating group on Gy interface ie: Gx change do not lead to a Gy change similtanously. I m wondering if there is a standard behaviour for such a use case?

Thanks a lot

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Can someone please explain the importance of bits present in the PUA-flags AVP with respect to the MME or SGSN.

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