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Where to check International Roaming Parameter in HLR & HSS

+1 vote

Hi ,

If any subscriber roamling in International Location how we can check on Home HLR/HSS to get its Int roaming Location .

Any specific parameter to get the details .

posted Mar 29, 2016 by Ravindra Bhargava

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1 Answer

0 votes

Whenever an UE attach to MME, MME updates UE's location into HSS by sending "Update-Location-Request" message. In this Diameter message, {Visited-PLMN} is a mandatory AVP . From HSS, by fetching this parameter value, it can be make out that where exactly the UE is present as of now. PLMN is the combination of MCC and MNC. MCC will say in which country it is roaming and MNC says which network is providing services.

answer Mar 30, 2016 by Harshita
Thanks , IMSI=MCC+MNC will provide the HPLMN details at VPLMN , However if at HSS ,checking the current subscriber position roaming in which country ,Is there any specific subscriber profile parameter at HSS who provide the details of Roaming .
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As we know that on basis of CAMEL contract, International roaming is possible, Visited-PLMN will generate the CDR at end and then forward it to home-PLMN. On basis of Call Data Records (CDR) home-PLMN will bill the user later in their currency.

The charging between the Operator's will happen as per the agreement.

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