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Ericsson / Huawei / NSN for HLR and HSS

+3 votes

What are the commands in Ericsson / Huawei / NSN for HLR and separately for HSS in order to retrieving the location of subscribers that are currently uotbound roam in specific countries (specific VLRs) and the respective outputs (Printout)

posted Feb 13, 2016 by Dan Betler

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+1 vote

Hi ,

If any subscriber roamling in International Location how we can check on Home HLR/HSS to get its Int roaming Location .

Any specific parameter to get the details .

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M2M devices and data cards without voice services may not need an MSISDN, how are such records maintained on the HLR? Is it mandatory to have an MSISDN associated with every IMSI record on the HLR? If yes, can we just have a dummy/fake MSISDN associated in such a case so to avoid consuming/wasting a real MSISDN?

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Any parameters besides the A3 events to optimize? It appears that the RAN is the biggest issue?

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