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GIT version control System

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GIT is open source version control system like SVN, CVS, PVCS and Clear Case .
It has great efficiency and speed All other version control system is not very efficient and biggest problem is their response time.
The most important thing for using GIT you need not to pay huge amount of dollar to their vendors for license. It is distributed version control system not centralized so very much efficient each and every user have their own GIT clone of source code and make their check In and there is no Network needed. You can do any operation below on your local copy:
1. Performing a diff
2. Viewing file history
3. Committing changes
4. Merging branches
5. Obtaining other revision of a file
6. Switching branches

Basic GIT operations:

=> Go to your source code directory and initiate GIT repository
$git init

Then go to code directory and run add command to add all source code into git repository
$git add .

Now commit your code into git repository
$git commit

=>To checkout any file to make changes
$git checkout

=> To check status
$git status

=> To add any changes
$git add

=> To make check IN
$git commit

posted Jan 18, 2014 by Amit Kumar Pandey

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Nice summary, can you please suggest how to install and configure GIT from start on fedora system (may be a separate blog).

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