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reverse proxy with two virtual web server and only one IP for the host.

+1 vote

I have two virtual web server and only one IP for the host. So the need of some kind of proxy server.
Whitch one should I use? (apache, nginx, varnish, squid)

I need also the same for smtp (two postfix), if possible the same one :-) basic config?

I have one host , one IP and two domain, one for each virtual machine and the result I want:[]--->[][]--->[]

posted Aug 26, 2013 by Kumar Mitrasen

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1 Answer

+1 vote

I solve the ssh problem in the router with port forwarding. Port 22 to 22 of one of the internal systems and another port to port 22 of the other system.

I use only one system for the web server using virtual hosts for the two names on that system. You can however use ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse in the second virtual web server to pass the http(s) packages on to the second web server.

answer Aug 26, 2013 by Luv Kumar
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Im trying to configure the proxy_balancer, but still having problems. Here is my configuration:



But when The first worker fails, request are not redirected to the failover worker. For this I have to wait for more than 7 minutes. Is this behavior normal?

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Is it possible multiple docker containers each one running web server and listening on the same port, mapped to the same host machine port ? One possible solution to multiple IPs at the host machine and the port exposed by each container is mapped to different ip and standard port 80. This solution would not be feasible in case number of containers increases in the same host and a new IP need to be assigned at host machine for each container.

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How to do apache configuration to work as forward proxy.

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Not sure if I am using the right terminology, but I want to create a forward proxy that will allow me to substitute locally controlled content for some of the requests eg a specific remote javascript file (which I wish to debug).

My normal approach would be to save all html using a browser, but this site is very dynamic with ajax etc and I am unable to save a decent replica.

I imagine this can be done using a proxy setup with some specific requests being diverted to a local web server, but I'm not exactly sure how that should be done. I can set up a forward proxy easliy enough, but don't know how to get mod_rewrite or whatever to interfere with the proxy.