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Apache: What is the best way to configure a proxy load-balancer?

+2 votes
Apache: What is the best way to configure a proxy load-balancer?
posted Feb 19, 2014 by Amit Mishra

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Similar Questions
+2 votes

Im trying to configure the proxy_balancer, but still having problems. Here is my configuration:



But when The first worker fails, request are not redirected to the failover worker. For this I have to wait for more than 7 minutes. Is this behavior normal?

+3 votes

How to do apache configuration to work as forward proxy.

+1 vote

I have an idea how to setup Apache for doing load balancer based on mod_proxy and mod_balance modules. But in my case the backend server requires ssl client certificate authentication and therefore the Apache Server cannot terminate the ssl connection.

I do no need http session cookie stickyness. The application is stateless. Can I somehow configure Apache as a transparent balancer?

Or I should use even another software - squid, iptables? The backend application is a web service running on Tomcat.

+2 votes

I am asking best practice/info/docs of how to have 2 apache web servers in load balancing.
- Which httpd module do I have to load in the http conf?
- I was reading that I have to have a web load balancer on top of them? Is it necessary? Can they accept requests from a cisco /F5 load balancer?
- What about persistent connection?
- Also we''ll have a mySQL server? Any more info about this?

0 votes

Not sure if I am using the right terminology, but I want to create a forward proxy that will allow me to substitute locally controlled content for some of the requests eg a specific remote javascript file (which I wish to debug).

My normal approach would be to save all html using a browser, but this site is very dynamic with ajax etc and I am unable to save a decent replica.

I imagine this can be done using a proxy setup with some specific requests being diverted to a local web server, but I'm not exactly sure how that should be done. I can set up a forward proxy easliy enough, but don't know how to get mod_rewrite or whatever to interfere with the proxy.

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