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MME sharing among multiple MME Pools

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One eNodeB can have multiple cell (equal to number of sectors in eNodeB), and these cells can be part of different TA. In this case when the eNodeB connects to a MME, this MME can serve multiple TA.

Now can this MME be shared among multiple MME Pools on the basis of TA list?

Also MME pool is explained as a pool of MMEs which serves a common geographical area, but how this pool is defined, is it by configuration?

posted Aug 24, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Network operator typically configures these pools. Since a MME can be part of single MME, the network operator will carefully configure these MME pool areas, as to load balance the serving UEs. Another way of configuring pools is by using the DNS mechanism.

However MME Pool areas can overlap because, of the TA they serve. As we know each MME can serve a set of TA i.e. TA list. But MME can never be shared among multiple MME pools. [MME is identified by a unique MME Code and the group [MMEGID] to which it belongs to, globally. Also the PLMN ID is associated with it to form GUMMEI ] It is just that the TAreas may change for an UE. And if the UE roams between them, the MME which has that respective TA in the correspodning pool area [geographically] in its serving list will be chosen to serve the UE.

answer Aug 26, 2013 by Shwetha Vittal
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