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Why EPC supports MME and S-GW pools?

+3 votes

A concept of pools was introduced in LTE only what are the main advantages of having the pooling concept.

posted Nov 30, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

It will avoid traffic towards PGW.

answer Nov 30, 2013 by sivanraj
How having the pooling concept will save traffic towards PGW.
when UE moves in between MME that fall under same MME pools..
What about SGW pool
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After LTE attach procedure if we shut down ENODEB then UE will do RLF to get connected to ENODEB and While UE doing RLF if ENB comes up ,that time how EPC components behave means what msg enb will send to epc component and if ENB rejects RLF that time what epc component will do (should delete or modify the bearer context).

+2 votes

I know SGW sends "DDN" to MME when it receives down link data for an IDLE UE. MME already knows ARP and other information of a bearer then why SGW includes ARP in DDN for a bearer.

+1 vote

Hi Friends,
I saw somewhere that MME will also do a DNS query for P-GW. As i know S-Gw will do a query for P-Gw address. Is there any situation that MME will do a query for P-GW address using APN? and after this query how MME will use the P-Gw Address.

and is there any possibility of Doing DNS query by P-Gw to get any other nodes Ips and under what conditions P-Gw will do a DNS query?