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Any one has Rails Bricks 3.2.8

+1 vote

Does any one have Rails Bricks 3.2.8 on their github or something. I have 3.2.6, wanted the latest to analyze the code and possibly contribute to it as its no more there.

posted Dec 11, 2015 by anonymous

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I have developed rails application in rails-2.3.8, ruby-1.9.2, mysql, wamp server with windowsxp platform.
Please help me to deploy it and also tell me how to host it after deployed?

+1 vote

I am going to add offline feature in our web application. But, that application was developed using Rails 2.3.5. I planned to use rack-offline gem.

While using that gem, we have to add a statement like below in "routes.rb" file (to generate "cache-manifest" file):

match "/application.manifest" => Rails::Offline
But, that statement is like "Rails 3" route statement but not "Rails 2".

Is "rack-offline" supports Rails 2.3.5?

+1 vote

I am lost in an update. updated rails 3 to 4 and now stuck with devise...

I have updated views and controller code & user.rb, but I don't know where the error comes from...nor do I see the same reset token in the database.

0 votes

I did the following to implement cron jobs in rails 3 using a "runner" instead of a rake task.

STEP 1: I have whenever gem installed and scheduler.rb has following:
set :environment, development set :output, { :error => "/log/error.log", :standard => "/log/cron.log" } every 1.minute do runner "Cron.sendAutomaticsSMS()" end

Cron file: lib/cron.rb
class Cron $ # End Whenever generated tasks for: /code/rails_projects/new/bhk/bigbhk-dev/

Running cron job:
$sudo service cron restart cron stop/waiting cron start/running, process 4027

This does not do anything. I wait for operation as defined in sendAutomaticsSMS() method to execute but the cron doesnt even enter this method.

I dont see any error in log/development.log and there is no log/cron.log in my rails app.

+2 votes

Right now i am working on rails 3 . Is there any possible way to increase the css and js file loading speed (with out asset). please help me

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