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Rails: Reset password token is invalid OR Reset password token has expired, please request a new one

+1 vote

I am lost in an update. updated rails 3 to 4 and now stuck with devise...

I have updated views and controller code & user.rb, but I don't know where the error comes from...nor do I see the same reset token in the database.

posted Oct 2, 2015 by anonymous

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When I view the output of the top command on ubuntu, I notice sometimes there is 6 ruby processes. When are each of these processes spawned?

I cannot imagine that it's every time someone loads the rails application from a different ip address, otherwise I would assume there would be more ruby processes spawned.

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Does any one have Rails Bricks 3.2.8 on their github or something. I have 3.2.6, wanted the latest to analyze the code and possibly contribute to it as its no more there.

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We have a rails 2.3 app with a large number of live users, and we have recently done something to corrupt some users sessions in such a way that any attempt to use the session object itself raises an exception. "reset_session" is also raising the same exception, and not clearing the session.

Is there a lower-level way to clear the session from the app that doesn't require the session to be valid? We are using the cookie session_store.

What is really surprsing to me is that even "cookies['our_cookie_label']=nil" raises the exception.

The exception is this: "ActionController::SessionRestoreError (Session contains objects whose class definition isn't available. Remember to require the classes for all objects kept in the session.
(Original exception: #{const_error.message} [#{const_error.class}])"

Unfortunately, since we can't read the session at all, I can't figure out what object is in it that isn't defined.

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I am saving password with hashed_password and salt in table. Now I need to send those passwords via SMS can it be possible.

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