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Traffic flow template at PGW

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Few doubts about TFT -
1. What is the role of TFT in LTE is it just limited at PGW or more then that.
2. How this is applied at PGW.

posted Aug 16, 2013 by anonymous

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Traffic flow template is always associated with dedicated bearer and while default bearer may or may not have TFT. Dedicated bearer provides QoS to special service or application and TFT defines rules so that UE and Network knows which IP packet should be sent on particular dedicated bearer. It usually has rules on the basis of IP packet destination/source or protocol used.

1 Answer

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answer Aug 17, 2013 by Chandra Javalkar
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Hi all

Downlink TFTs is used just for P-GW to decide which bearer that packet should go.
It is not useful for UE (or i miss something?)

Therefore, why PGW sends Downlink TFTs to UE?



Find the answer. The answer is include in comment.


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I am not sure whether my understanding is correct or not. As per my knowledge, UL-TFT at UE side takes care of IP packet to bearer mapping. I have seen many reference of LTE UE stack for user plane and found IP layer is just above the PDCP layer.
Packet filters are communicated to UE from the network using NAS signalling.
I just want to know where exactly/which layer is responsible to do bearer mapping at UE side.

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I am looking for uplink/downlink packet structure at PGW as well as eNB.