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what are the naming Conventions to be followed in the Forms Development in Oracle Apps?

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what are the naming Conventions to be followed in the Forms Development in Oracle Apps?
posted Nov 18, 2015 by Archana

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1 Answer

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  1. Name of the Form Module should be same as .fmb.

  2. Name of the Data Block should be same as Base Table Name.

  3. Name of the Canvas and Window is same as Block name.

  4. Name of the LOV should be same as Item Name.

  5. Name of the Package should be same as Block Name.

  6. Name of the Procedure should be same as Item Name.

  7. Name of the ROW LOV should be same as Block_Name_QF.

  8. Name of the FND_WINDOW should be same as Block_Name_QF

Steps Required to Developing a New Form

  1. Open the TEMPLATE.fmb Form from Form Builder and Save as with Module specific form name

  2. Delete the default Blocks with names BLOCK_NAME and DETAIL_BLOCK, Canvas with name BLOCK_NAME and Window with name BLOCK_NAME.

  3. Create a new Window and assign Window property class to it.

  4. Create Canvas and assign Canvas property class to it.

  5. Assign Canvas to Window and Window to Canvas.

  6. Create Data Block using wizard and name it as Table Name. Assign Text Item Property class to all the Items in the Data Block.

  7. Modify Pre‐Form Trigger at Form Level.

  8. Modify APP_CUSTOM Package.

  9. Change Form Module Level Properties.

  10. Save and Compile the Form and copy the .FMX file in the Module specific directory.

  11. Perform all the pre requisites to register the Form.
    a. Register the form with AOL module.
    b. Define a form function
    c. Assign form function to the Menu.
    d. Assign the menu to the Responsibility.
    e. Assign Responsibility to the User.

Note: Check the following attachments when you open the TEMPLATE.fmb Form.

  1. Check the required Libraries attached or not.

  2. Check the required Object Groups attached or not.

  3. Check the required Visual Attributes attached or not.

  4. Check the required Property Classes attached or not.

  5. Check the required Form Level Triggers created or not.

answer Nov 18, 2015 by Manikandan J