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what are the steps Required to Implement ROW LOV in Oracle Apps?

0 votes
what are the steps Required to Implement ROW LOV in Oracle Apps?
posted Nov 25, 2015 by Archana

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2 Answers

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LOV in Oracle FormsLOV (List of Values) in Oracle Forms are used to display the associated values while inserting values in forms. It makes the user easier to enter data on the forms. You can assign values in LOV statically or dynamically and can be displayed on the form manually or automatically. Filters can also be added on LOV to filter before display the list. Here I am writing some easy steps for creating List of Values in Oracle Forms using wizard. It may help you to learn the process of creating LOV in your Oracle Form.

Steps for Creating LOV in Oracle Forms Using Wizard

  1. To add a new List of Values, at first go to Object Navigator and click on LOVs option and click on + sign above, then the following dialog box will appear.

  2. Select the option "Use the LOV Wizard" to create from Wizard.

  3. Select the option "New Record Group base on query" to create new record group or select "Existing Record Group" to use existing Record Group and got to next.

  4. Click on Build SQL Query button, give User Name, Passport and Database name and connect to the Database. Select the required Table from where you want to take the values.

  5. Select the Columns which you want to display in the list and click on OK. Select all the columns on the LOV columns and go to next.

  6. Give the title what you would like to display in LOV window. Also select width, height and position of the LOV window.

  7. Give the no of rows you want to display in LOV and select the check box having "Let the user filter records before displaying them", if you want to display the records with filter. Go to next and finish the wizard. Now the LOV is successfully created.

answer Nov 26, 2015 by Shivaranjini
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Steps Required to Implement ROW LOV
1. Open Form in Form Builder.
2. Perform all the prerequisites to develop the form
3. Create a user defined Parameter and change the Data Type and width of the column, same as Primary Key Column.
4. Create a LOV using wizard and assign the return value of the LOV to the Parameter.
5. ROW LOV is based on Record Group.
6. SELECT Order_No, Customer FROM Ex_Orders;
P_Order_No (Parameter_Name) Look Up Return Item
7. Create QUERY_FIND user defined Trigger at Block Level.
Note: LOV Name should be Block_Name_QF
Trigger: QUERY_FIND (User Defined Trigger)
8. Create PRE_QUERY Trigger at Block Level.
Note: In latest versions of Applications Parameter_Query_Find will be implicitly
assigned by the compiler after Query Execute. We need not assign it explicitly as FALSE.
10. Save and Compile the form and copy .fmx file in to module specific forms directory.

answer Dec 1, 2015 by Arun Gowda