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Posting data using MultipartPostHandler in Python

+1 vote

I want to use http post to upload data to a webserver but I want to pass multiple arguments within the post i.e. I know that you can load one item (data)in there like this:

 data = {"data":open(filename,"rb")}
 response =, data, timeout=TIMEOUT)

but now I want multiple so I tried this:

 multipart = ({"data":data}, {"fname":fname}, {"f":f})
 response =, multipart, timeout=TIMEOUT)

but I get an error saying "'tuple' object has no attribute 'items'"... how do I do this correctly?

posted Aug 15, 2013 by Bob Wise

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1 Answer

+1 vote

You're no longer providing a dictionary, but a tuple of dictionaries. What you want to do is use a single dictionary:

multipart = {"data":data, "fname":fname, "f":f}

That should achieve what you want.

answer Aug 16, 2013 by Kumar Mitrasen
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