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LTE: What is the difference between redirection with system info and without system info ?

+2 votes
posted Nov 11, 2015 by Harshita

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Please explain what is the difference between handover and Redirection in LTE ?

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When I come across the S6a interface we are using IMEI AVP for International Mobile Equipment Identity.

But when I come across the Gy interface we are using a Grouped AVP named as User-Equipment-Info AVP which contain User-Equipment-Info-Value and User-Equipment-Info-Type.

My query is why we need to use two different Diameter AVPs across the EPC network which gives the same result , let say IMEI in this case.

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I was going through 36.331 specification, SIB10, SIB11 are used for ETWS and SIB12 is used for CMAS i.e Commercial Mobile Alert System. As per my understanding, both comes under the public warning system. Can anyone please explain the major differences between these two ?

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