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What will happen when UE specific DRX cycle is less than default paging cycle of eNB?

+1 vote
What will happen when UE specific DRX cycle is less than default paging cycle of eNB?
posted Nov 2, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

+1 vote

DrX Cycle is actually negotiated between UE and eNodeB.
So if the UE 's drx cycle is less and if thats accepted (in the TAU accept), then thats the time in which eNodeB can schedule the page for the UE.
For ex: default paging cycle in LTE is 1280ms, if an app requests for 320ms through modem , then it would be negotiated with eNodeB, If eNodeB accepts it, then eNodeB can schedule the page for this UE once every 320ms. (at which time UE also wakes up once every 320ms)

answer Nov 2, 2015 by Narendran P
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There are several cases when an eNodeB is configured with different values than its neighbor. Default paging cycle may be one of those parameters. I want to know, in which different scenarios each value of the default paging cycle is used ?

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Consider if eNB is sending DRX cycles to your UE and therefore you will be not listening to PDCCH. Now if MME sends paging messages of that UE, then how UE will be able to receive the paging message? After DRX cycles UE can start listening but MME might have stopped sending paging messages. How this is handled in LTE???

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PagingUE-Identity ::= CHOICE {
imsi IMSI,

As pagingUE identity should contain any one of these in paging message so how MME decides which one to send, though for security purpose MME prefers t-o send send S-TMSI but in which scenarion MME wil use imsi as paging ue identity.

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