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Is it possible to reach a system in public network through a system in private network using gre tunnel ?

+3 votes

I have a system in private network and a server with public ip which i was accessing through ppp links to a router which could reach the system over internet.
But now i want to use gre tunnels between the router and the server to access the same server .
How can achieve the same ?

posted Oct 29, 2015 by Puneet Agarwal

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I hope I understood your problem correctly,
Both Server and Router should understand GRE protocol in this particular case and should have the capability to decapsulate the IP Packet within the GRE Tunnel.
Thanks for your response Salil.
Assume Server and Router understand GRE protocol.
I am mostly worried about the routes to be added on router for the logical GRE interface and physical ethernet interface for reaching the server.
Yes route (route_add) has to be there so that there is a link between the router and server.
I am telling this from basic networking point of view rather then GRE point. In short u must able to ping from router to server or vice versa to achieve anything further.

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Please suggest some inputs.

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