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Unable to ping EnB, PGW, SGW from my LTE UE

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I am unable to ping my EnB, PGW through ping application.. It says request timed out but thing is I am able to see Request-Reply packets in wireshark captures. Not getting any idea on what is going wrong.

Please suggest some inputs.

posted Jul 17, 2015 by Naveen Yanamaddi

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On behalf of Cosmin Gabriel Gorea-Radulescu
The user plane traffic is encapsulated in the GTP tunnel, as such the UE should be unaware of the SGW/PGW/EnB. Only if on Gi there are routes towards these elements should the UE actually be able to ping these, but who would want to do that?

1 Answer

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On behalf of Bart -

Check routing

answer Jul 17, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
Agreed with Salil. It is routing issue. Usually this happen in your lab setup. Make sure  UE and PGW should have public IP (Usually IT team provide IP address).
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