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Editor for Ruby/MySQL/Git/Rails?

0 votes

I am new Ruby on Rails, I had installed as described below on my machine. Could you please advise good editor compatible to the below configuration? And any additional steps required once i install these?

* MySQL 5.6.27
* Ruby 2.2
* Git
* Rails 4.0
posted Oct 27, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Assuming it is a linux or Mac OS then I recommend installing using rvm (others prefer rbenv).

However I suggest that you start by working right through a good tutorial such as (which is free to use online). This tutorial runs in the cloud and does not need you to install anything to get going. Once you have learnt the basics then installing on your own machine will be easier as you will know what to expect.

As a matter of interest why have you installed an almost obsolete version of Rails whereas 4.2.4 is the current version.

answer Oct 27, 2015 by Alok Sharma
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