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Best book on Ruby on Rails: please recommend a list of good introduction and reference book for RoR?

+1 vote
Best book on Ruby on Rails: please recommend a list of good introduction and reference book for RoR?
posted Feb 24, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

The best introduction I have seen to date is the RailsTutorial Web site/book/screencast series:

The book and training exercise are free to use on line, although it would be good of you to reward the author for his continuing hard work on this topic. This is a clearly written and very well paced exercise, which will acquaint you with the basic and useful corners of the framework, and more importantly, show you how to find out more as you gain experience and confidence.

After that, you may find something like The Rails Way or Ruby for Rails (now renamed The Well-grounded Rubyist) a great level-up.

answer Feb 26, 2015 by Majula Joshi
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Is there a great book for RoR. I am looking for a book with a step by step approach and by PROJECTS!!
RoR needs to be 'practiced', and I didn't find those WORKING PROJECTS.

Am I dreaming or is this paper exists. All the books on amazon/flipkart are not amazing. They talks only about theory. Theory is fine, I mean this is RoR.

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Rails seems to have a whole whack of them and I'm not sure which ones match my requirements. The library must:

  • be fully themeable; the overall layout is going to be made from scratch
  • allow custom content for pages (i.e. a developer-made page)
  • allow defining of different types of posts with different fields/data
  • support image upload for at least pages and preferably posts as well
  • be relatively easy to extract post content outside the CMS (e.g. for use in sending an e-mail digest)

Preferably it should:
- Be compatible with Rails 4
- allow individual pages to be user-edited with HTML/CSS after they've been created

Can anyone recommend one for me?