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Diameter LTE interfaces list

+2 votes

Though its a very straight forward question, but none of the place describes the consolidated but crisp list of Diameter Interfaces applicable in LTE. Please help.

posted Aug 14, 2013 by Sumit Pokharna

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1 Answer

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Best answer

Diameter is used for Authentication, Authorization and Accounting purpose.
Please find the list of interfaces using diameter.
1. S6a interface MME - HSS.
2. Gx between PCEF - PCRF
3. Rx between PCRF- AF(application function).
4. Sp between PCRF and SPR(subscriber profile repository).
5. Gy between PCEF and OCS(online charging system).
7. Gz between PCEF and OFCS(offline charging system).

There might be many more number of interfaces based on diameter in lte network. I have mentioned about what I am aware and used in normal end to end signalling of lte network

answer Aug 14, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
Some Additions
S6b - PDG and AAA
S6c - PDG and HPLMN
S6d - HSS and SGSN
s9 - HPCRF and VPCRF
S13 - MME and EIR

But looks we have many more?
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In case of multiple OCS node with multiple PCRF/PCEF how correlation happen over multiple interface? i.e. how a user call terminate on a specific node.

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In LTE Gx (Diameter) Interface how would transactions like Re-Auth Req/Ans mapped to IMSI? these transactions don't have Subscription ID and User-Name APN and same thing for other Diameter Interfaces transactions that are missing Subscription ID and User-Name APN.
If you can give me an insight I will greatly appreciated it!

+2 votes

Hello LTE n/w experts,

I have a Query regarding the UpdateLocation Diamter message. I have a issue in the legacy code, where the AVP "Supported-Features" which is optional is not handled. Now when we are testing with different vendor PGW, we are getting the following AVPS
AVP format

 Supported-Features ::=  < AVP Header: 628 10415 >
                         { Vendor-Id (AVP code 266)}
                         { Feature-List-ID (629)}
                         { Feature-List (630)}
                        *[ AVP ]

AVP format

MIP6-Agent-Info ::=  < AVP Header: 486 >
                    *2[ MIP-Home-Agent-Address (334)]
                      [ MIP-Home-Agent-Host (348)]
                      [ MIP6-Home-Link-Prefix (125)]
                     *[ AVP ]
  MIP6-Agent-Info ::=  < AVP Header: 486 >
                    *2[ MIP-Home-Agent-Address (334)]
                      [ MIP-Home-Agent-Host (348)]
                      [ MIP6-Home-Link-Prefix (125)]
                     *[ AVP ]

I am not sure why the Location Update has these new IEs. I am new to network side. So any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.