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LTE : Has anyone tested Circuit Switch Fallback (CSFB) in the lab or in the field ?

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I want to know what happens in the network w.r.t signalling call flow as well as user experience ?

posted Oct 16, 2015 by Harshita

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Yes, I have tested both in lab and field.

In terms of signalling,

UE sends extended service request message with cause as MO/MT CSFB indicator call

UE is redirected to UTRAN and it attaches to 3G and establishes call there.

For user, its almost seamless and normal user won't know it switched to 3G. There is hardly any lag observed if you compare to normal 3G call

answer Oct 22, 2015 by Alkesh Mehta
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How UE latch to the UTRAN in CSFB?Say UE connected to LTE and when UE wants to make an call then it has to move to UTRAN, in this scenario how UE leaves LTE and connects to 3G/2G. can anyone explain in detail with call-flow.

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If a UE is in RRC Idle state plus ECM registered and the UE has moved to a place where no reception is possible and after some time he has come out from that... What procedures will happen in UE?

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As we know that on basis of CAMEL contract, International roaming is possible, Visited-PLMN will generate the CDR at end and then forward it to home-PLMN. On basis of Call Data Records (CDR) home-PLMN will bill the user later in their currency.

The charging between the Operator's will happen as per the agreement.

So my Query is What if the user has crossed his credit limit during international roaming and ongoing call. How Visited PLMN will get to know about this information In between the ongoing call?